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BeLight Software ships Mail Factory – the Mac software to print


Odessa, Ukraine – July 23rd, 2004 – BeLight Software, Ltd. released
today Mail Factory, a Mac OS X software to design and print
envelopes, shipping and address labels. Mail Factory integrates with
data from Apple Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact,
Eudora, supports most popular label paper, and can print to DYMO
label printers. Mail Factory costs $29.95 for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Mail Factory caters for small businesses and home users, who need to
send out letters and packages regularly, or need to design
attractive, personalized labels and envelopes. It can be used for
printing individual labels or envelopes same as for mailing lists of
hundreds addresses.

“We heard many people complain that they had to keep an OS 9 Mac just
to print envelopes and labels, just because no OS X software could
do this job well. We hope that now they will give these Macs the
long-deserved rest” – says Valeriy Ryazanov, Product Manager of Mail

The key features of Mail Factory include:
– Integration with Apple Address Book, Entourage, Now Contact, Eudora.
– Support for most popular labels templates from Avery, DYMO, APLI,
A-One, Siegel.
– US Postal Service POSTNET barcodes can be printed on labels and
envelopes to expedite delivery.
– Automatic address formatting for more than 50 countries.
– Support for DYMO label printers.
– The ability to set up custom-sized envelopes and label layouts.
– Dozens of built-in designs for addressing and shipping labels, envelopes.
– More than 500 supplied clipart images and built-in Internet image search.

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BeLight Software was founded in January 2003 by a team of very
different people in Odessa, Ukraine. The common goal is to provide
people with the latest available technologies, as no technology can
live without human practice. In 2003 the company released Business
Card Composer, an award-winning Mac OS X software, that combined the
newest computer abilities and simplicity of use.

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