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This announcement is from:
Steve Becker

Product Release Date: 7/20/04

I’m pleased to announce the release of Safari Magic 1.0. Safari Magic
adds powerful tools to Safari that make Safari both more powerful and
more versatile and that provide users with instant and complete
control over the information that’s on the Internet!

Safari Magic enables Safari users to instantly and selectively
collect and edit/organize text, graphics, and pictures from multiple
web pages and non-contiguous sources. Safari Magic also enables users
to instantly and selectively save or print anything they find on the
Internet. And Safari Magic lets users instantly add their own notes
and time-date stamps to their data.

Safari Magic is very flexible and provides users with the the option
of adding either a horizontal or a vertical tool bar to Safari.
Safari Magic has been optimized for Safari, and Safari Magic’s
Horizontal tool bar is designed to both nicely match and nicely fit
over Safari’s windows, though users are free to adjust both its
position and its size and to move it elsewhere.

Safari Magic is a powerful and an easy-to-use tool that’s especially
essential when users are using the Internet for any type of research,
including research related to their work, school, and personal


* Safari Magic lets users print (or save to PDF) just the text,
graphics, or pictures that they want on any web page.

* With text, users just select the text that they want to print/save
to PDF and click the appropriate button or drag-and-drop the text
onto the button; with graphics/pictures, users simply drag-and-drop
them onto the button that performs their desired task.

* Safari Magic lets users instantly add a note and/or a time-date
stamp to any text, graphic, or picture that they either print or save
to PDF just by using the appropriate button.

* Safari Magic also adds a powerful keyboard shortcut to Safari that
lets users use their keyboards to instantly print (or save to PDF)
any text that they have selected in Safari.

* Safari Magic adds the PrintBoard to Safari that lets users
instantly collect an unlimited number of text selections, graphics,
and pictures from the Internet and then edit them, save them, print
them, and even transfer them to another program.

* Safari Magic includes a built-in text editor for working with
users’ collected data, and this editor includes a multiple-level
Undo/Redo feature.

* Safari Magic is very flexible and lets users work the way that’s
most comfortable for them. For example, users have the choice of
printing their selected data by using the keyboard shortcut that
Safari Magic adds to Safari, by clicking on a Safari Magic tool bar
button, or by dragging and dropping their data onto any of Safari
Magic’s print buttons.

* Users even can instantly add both non-contiguous text, graphics,
and pictures and data from multiple web pages to the closed
PrintBoard by dragging and dropping them onto either tool bar’s Open
PrintBoard button.

* To reduce Desktop clutter, Safari Magic even automatically
disappears when Safari isn’t the frontmost program.

* Safari Magic also lets users instantly toggle its visibility via a
keyboard shortcut.

* Safari Magic lets users use its shortcut for printing/saving their
selected data from Safari even when Safari Magic is invisible.

* Safari Magic eliminates Safari printing problems such as getting
blank pages or partially-printed pages with missing or cutoff text
and images.

* With Safari Magic installed, users are never forced to waste time
— and money — printing information they don’t need or want.

* Safari Magic includes many more productivity enhancing features
that are designed to make users’ lives easier and more productive
when working with the Internet and Safari!

The cost savings, productivity enhancements, and environmental
benefits provided by using Safari Magic are multiplied for schools,
businesses, and other organizations that use many computers! (Special
site license pricing is available.)


OS 10.2 or later (including Panther)


A free, fully functional demonstration version of Safari Magic is available at

The direct link to the Safari Magic page is

Safari Magic may be registered at:

Safari Magic includes a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and
costs only $19.95.

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