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NEW Salling Clicker released

NEW Salling Clicker released, enhances media center features, adds
device support

Stockholm, Sweden–July 19, 2004–Salling Software AB today announced
the immediate availability of Salling Clicker v.2.2, an update to its
award-winning remote control utility for Macintosh computers. The new
version adds localizations, support for new phone models, and works
with more applications to truly turn your Mac into the home’s digital

“From the very first release, many of our customers have been using
Salling Clicker to control iTunes,” said Jonas Salling, President of
Salling Software AB. “With Apple shipping AirPort Express this month,
I think many will find that Salling Clicker is the perfect remote
control for AirTunes”. We are inundated with requests to provide
Salling Clicker support for a wide range of new audio/video players
and adapters; in version 2.2 we include support for popular media
accessories, such as EyeTV from Elgato and the Squeezebox audio
player from Slim Devices. “This is really positive news for our
users, new and old, as it is the beginning of many new opportunities
for Salling Clicker to add value to a diverse range of new devices
and appliances” commented Mr. Salling.

One of the more popular uses of Salling Clicker is as a presentation
controller. “Customers have told us how much they appreciate seeing
slide notes in their handheld, giving them an edge for important
presentations,” said Mr. Salling. “In our new version, we are
bringing even more value to these users as they can now also preview
the title of the upcoming slide from PowerPoint 2004.”

The updated device support in Salling Clicker v.2.2 includes Sendo X,
Motorola A925, Nokia 7610, palmOne Zire 72, TapWave Zodiac, and Sony
Ericsson T637. There is also preliminary support for the new K700 and
Z1010 models from Sony Ericsson.

Speaking of support for the K700 and Z1010 models in particular, Mr.
Salling said, “We are committed to the Sony Ericsson platform and
look forward to delivering complete support for all models. However,
until Sony Ericsson resolves certain problems in their new K700 and
Z1010 models, Salling Clicker can only provide limited support. We
hope that a firmware upgrade will address these shortcomings.”

In summary, Salling Clicker v.2.2 offers the following major benefits
over its predecessor:
=B7 Brand-new support for EyeTV, Squeezebox, Mail, VLC, and more;
=B7 Italian, French, German, and Russian localizations;
=B7 Ability to initiate connections from Symbian OS smartphones;
=B7 Upcoming slide titles shown with PowerPoint 2004;
=B7 Enhanced Symbian OS and Palm OS clients; and
=B7 Support for more than 30 models of mobile phones and PDAs.

Pricing & Availability

Salling Clicker v.2.2 is available from Salling Software’s web site
( for $19.95 (US) per user license. The upgrade is
free for existing customers. In unregistered trial-mode, Salling
Clicker is limited to about 30 commands per session. The software is
designed to run on all Bluetooth-equipped Macintosh computers and
requires a compatible Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS handheld (version 4.x
or 5.x), a Sony Ericsson (T39, T520, T68, T610, T616, T618, Z600,
Z608, T630, T637, T628, P800, P802, P900, P908), a Nokia (7650, 3650,
3660, 6600, 6620, 7610, N-Gage, N-Gage QD), Motorola A925 (or A920
with A925 firmware), Sendo X, or Siemens SX1 mobile phone, and Mac OS
X version 10.2.8 or greater.

Salling Software AB spearheaded the development of mobile phone
software for the Macintosh in 2002 and is the leader in Bluetooth
remote control software. Salling Software AB is committed to bringing
innovative, fun, and easy to use software applications to Macintosh
users worldwide.

Press Contact:
Jonas Salling
Salling Software AB
+ 46 8 33 14 55

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