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Events 4.0 for FileMaker 7

Waves in Motion – Announces the release of Events 4.0 for FileMaker
Pro 7

Phoenix, AZ – July 15, 2004 – Waves in Motion is pleased to announce the
release of its long-anticipated Events 4.0 for FileMaker Pro 7.0. For more
information, to try a demo, or to purchase, please visit:


Rebuilt from the ground up for FileMaker 7.0, Events 4.0 is faster and
incredibly easy to use. This cross platform plug-in has powerful new
features that will expand a developer’s ability to innovate in his or her

Events 4.0 allows you to build triggers to run from just about any
FileMaker action. In addition, all actions can now result in email being
sent directly without the need for an email client application or
additional plug-in.

Events 4.0 together with FileMaker Pro 7.0 allows developers to trigger
scripts or send email at a specified or recurring time when:

-exiting a field,
-creating, viewing, entering, exiting, or deleting a record, and
-entering a layout.

Events 4.0 even allows you to trigger emails to be sent behind the scenes
at any time. Imagine the things you can do:

-Create triggers to perform automated tasks in the background. Create
FileMaker robots that process orders as they come in and generate complex
reports for the next morning.

-Create triggers that automatically log record edits, views, adds, and
deletes, such as logging critical changes to your data. When a user seems
to delete a customer record, you can actually archive it behind the scenes.

-Add “drag and drop” functionality by building more intuitive interfaces.
Instead of clicking a button to perform an action, let users see how the
data is moving.

-Set and pass unlimited tokens with each triggered event. For example, as
you log into your FileMaker system, all your time-delayed correspondence
can automatically be sent. Imagine sending thank you e-mails or follow-up
correspondence to find out if a customer is satisfied.

According to Vince Mennano, President, Waves in Motion, “We are really
excited to be using the new API available with FileMaker Developer 7.0.
This allows the plug-in to show up with multiple, self-explanatory
parameter names, making development with the plug-in extremely easy.
FileMaker Pro 7.0 provides developers with a brand new tool set, and we
feel Events 4.0 will become an indispensable addition to that set of tools.
Events 4.0 will allow developers to achieve their solution goals in new
and creative ways.”

Events 4.0 integrated with FileMaker Pro 7.0 puts time on your side!

Waves in Motion is a full service development and consulting firm
specializing in creating enabling technologies. It offers database needs
analysis, custom development, consulting, and co-located web hosting.
Popular FileMaker Pro developer tools and solutions include Analyzer,
Visualizer, Dragon Web Surveys, a suite of FileMaker Pro Plug-ins
including: Events, Portal Filter, Date and Time, FileTools and Smart Card.

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