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Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 2.0.7

Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 2.0.7

July 15, 2004 — Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync, the automated
synchronization and backup application for Mac=AE OS X, to version 2.0.7.
This update contains both features and bug fixes. At Econ we continuously
update all of our apps and it’s always free. No user is left behind.
Download ChronoSync and try it out for free or replace your current version
to update. Purchase ChronoSync for only $30 and you are set for life.

ChronoSync 2.0.7 features a newly tuned collection code for better
performance and the ability to identify package files when using inclusion
or exclusion rules. Also, bugs were fixed relating to package files,
Applescripts, rules, and opening sync documents. Click on the link below
for a complete list of all the features and fixes.

ChronoSync is the easy way to synchronize or backup files and folders. Sync
between folders on your Mac, other Macs, PCs, or other hard drives. Set up
a sync document to schedule and automatically mount volumes so your syncs
and backups are never missed. With ChronoSync you can do a lot more than
just copy data, you can manage data too. Create inclusion and exclusion
rules, check the current sync status of files and folders, even run trial
synchronizations to see what will happen before it happens.

Purchase ChronoSync for $30.00 at the Econ Technologies, Inc. web site
( Econ Technologies, Inc. creates a
variety of applications for the Mac OS X operating system. For more
information on Econ Technologies’ products go online or contact Joseph
Japes at 407-365-4209 or at

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