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Impression 2.6

Impression 2.6

I’m pleased to announce the release Impression 2.6, the backup software
for Mac OS X. For release on July 12th, 2004 (the opening day of
MacWorld Boston):

Impression 2.6 offers a substantial update to the backup application
for OS X. This revision provides a new ‘imps’ hfspax-based restorable
archive format which greatly improves backup and restoration speeds.
In addition, this new version offers full Unicode support for all
catalog, log and session files.

And notably – all reported, reproducible bugs have been fixed under
this release. That fact coupled with speed increases achieved using
the new restorable ‘imps’ archive format makes this a must-have

Impression is available for immediate download directly through this
address: (

Impression costs US$25 to register. A free, near-fully unlocked trial
version of this beta is available for public download and evaluation.
This update is free and fully supported for all registered operators
(as always, and as it always will be). It’s a nice counterpoint to the
current pervasiveness of modern marketing’s ‘pay-and-pay again’ school
of thought.

In addition, still available until July 18th is a unique promotion
offering a US$10 discount from the price of Impression; details and
requirements for the offer are available at this URL:

Home page link: (
Download link: (

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