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Giga Designs intros dual 1.4GHz G4 upgrades

Giga Designs announced today that it is now shipping a 1.4GHz G4 dual processor upgrade (US$699) for Apple’s Power Mac AGP Graphics (Sawtooth) and Gigabit Ethernet models. The new M Series Dual processor family also includes 1.3GHz ($699) and 1.33GHz ($699) models for Digital Audio, Quicksilver 2001, and Quicksilver 2002 Power Macs. The M Series upgrades feature user adjustable speed and processor voltage settings, and use two Free Scale (Motorola) 7455B processors, each with 2M of L3 cache. A larger copper heat sink and two quiet 50mm fans provide improved cooling, and the upgrades require no drivers or software enablers. They support all operating systems from Mac OS 9.2.1 through OS X 10.3.4.

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