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Microsoft rolls out designer, special edition mice

Microsoft today introduced a new collection of input devices, including a new mouse conceived by Philippe Starck, a well-known interior and industrial designer. The Optical Mouse by S+ARCK (US$34.95) features a sleek shape with two buttons that extend the length of the mouse, separated by a lighted strip, which is available in two colors — blue or orange. It also features a standard scroll wheel. Also announced today are three new special edition mice with original finishes: The Wireless Optical Mouse in Mood Ring ($44.95) and the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in Cobalt Basin ($54.95) and Crimson Fire ($54.95). The latest in a continuing series, these wireless mice feature colorful graphic patterns, a scroll wheel with Tilt Wheel Technology, enhanced optical technology, and an average of more than six months of battery life. The new products will be available by the end of August.

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