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Mini Virtual Tour of Boston

Mini Virtual Tour of Boston

Boston, Massachusetts (7/7/04) — Just in time for Macworld Boston
(July 12-15, 2004) is a new, interactive mini virtual tour of the city.

Macworld Expo and Conference/Boston, the International QuickTime VR
Association (IQTVRA), and CheathamLane have teamed up to create an
interactive look at Boston attractions and a look at Macworld Boston’s
new home, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

It is available for download ((200kb) from: (Mac) (PC)

Or to open directly in QuickTime:

The interactive tour contains about two dozen QuickTime VR panoramas
and an interactive aerial map of the downtown area. “We wanted to offer
Macworld attendees a fun and informative view of the ever-changing
Boston cityscape,” said Patrick Cheatham, of CheathamLane and one of
the tour producers. “Macworld is coming to Boston this summer, so we
created a virtual tour to help everyone learn more about this great

The interactive tour also incorporates the site design
and colors. “What’s new in this one,” explains Patrick, “is that you
can use it to send email directly from the player”.

Michael Quan, IQTVRA president, is a Boston local and was able to shoot
some panoramas of the local sights, including one in front of the
impressive new convention center. Photographers Chris Blake and Jook
Leung also contributed panoramas.

The IQTVRA is an international educational group dedicated to promoting
applications of interactive imaging. A gallery of panoramic photos by
IQTVRA photographers will be displayed at Macworld. (

CheathamLane is a Berkeley, CA design firm specializing in panoramic
photography and interactive QuickTime content. (

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