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SAN DIEGO, California (June 28, 2004) – HaranBanjo is pleased to announce
the immediate availability of KidzLog 1.0b1 for Mac OS X.

KidzLog is a weblog publishing tool for children. Even children who are
just beginning to read and write should be able to create a weblog with
KidzLog. A KidzLog weblog consists of chronologically descending posts,
each post consisting of a picture, some text, or both. KidzLog provides a
canvas and painting tools so that children can paint their pictures
directly in the application. Pictures can also be dragged from iPhoto or
the desktop to a KidzLog canvas in order to publish digital photos as part
of a weblog.

KidzLog is a full-featured weblog publishing tool. All web pages use CSS
and an external style sheet for layout. Style and layout options are
controlled by the user. Syndication is provided through an RSS file that is
automatically updated each time a weblog is published. RSS readers (such as
that just announced in Safari 2.0) will be able to subscribe to KidzLog
weblogs in exactly the same way as any other weblog. Weblogs can be
previewed locally and published on a remote web server using FTP.

This is the beginning of a beta period for KidzLog. The current beta will
will expire on July 15, 2004. The shipping version of KidzLog will cost $29
to register.

For more information, please visit the KidzLog website at:


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