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— MacTech evolves to a magazine focused on not only the Mac developer,
but on all technical Mac topics
— Cheryl England added to the team
— Adding new authors and writers, More product reviews
— More Cocoa development, Tiger coverage a central piece
— New magazine design

San Francisco, CA — June 28, 2004 — MacTech Magazine is proud to announce
that it’s taking the next step in its 20-year evolution to serve the Mac
marketplace. The new MacTech Magazine, to be released at the end of the
summer, will sport not only a new look, but content focused beyond the
developer to include all Mac tech topics. Readers should expect to see a
number of new authors, columns and more product reviews.

In addition to our existing team of Dave Mark, Jessica Stubblefield,
Michael Harvey, and all our regular columnists and authors, MacTech is
adding Cheryl England to the team. Cheryl, who will be sharing her talents
with both her current book editing efforts and MacTech, has a deep Mac
publication history having had stints at MacAddict, Macworld, MacHome, and

“MacTech has long dabbled with non-developer topics, but now, we’re
embracing these topics and giving them the coverage they deserve.” says
Neil Ticktin, Publisher of MacTech Magazine. “We look forward to anyone at
the high end of power user or above category diving into the topics and
learning something new. From the developer side, expect even more on the
Cocoa side. And, we’ll be working with Apple and community to provide
great coverage on Tiger related topics.”

“With the addition of Cheryl to the team, we’re looking forward to
expanding the magazine on these and other fronts”, says Dave Mark,
Editor-in-Chief of MacTech. “MacTech will still cover developer topics as
it always has, but it will be adding a number of new categories from
network administration, to scripting, to hacks to web sites, and all
interesting tech information.”

About MacTech Magazine:

MacTech Magazine is the journal of Macintosh technology and development.
The publication strives to provide the Macintosh technical community with
focused, current and practical information that will enable them to
maximize productivity. For additional information on MacTech Magazine, or
to sign up for a risk free subscription, please visit the web site at,, call 877-MACTECH
(622-8324), or 805-494-9797.

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