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Konfabulator – The Original Dashboard

Konfabulator – The Original Dashboard

Palo Alto, California – June 28, 2004 – While Redmond is stealing ideas
from Cupertino, it seems Cupertino is stealing ideas from its third
party developers. Konfabulator, the first utility to allow users
skinable easy to create desk accessory-like objects written in
JavaScript, has served as the template for Apple’s new feature
Dashboard. As a result, we’d like let the Mac OS X community know that
if they’d like to get their hands on Dashboard now rather than wait
’till “the first half of 2005” they can.

Simply go to, and download a copy of
Konfabulator today to see what the fuss is all about!

Konfabulator is a $25 application that allows for the use of files
called Widgets. Widgets are built with a combination of XML,
JavaScript, can include AppleScript and Unix calls, and can look and do
whatever you want them to.

Want more than the default Widgets? Visit the Widget Gallery with over
650 user contributed Widgets that range from amazingly addictive games,
to incredibly useful utilities.

The Gallery is at: (

Konfabulator’s home is: (

And the download is here: (

Arlo Rose introduced themeable interfaces to the world with his work at
Apple on the Appearance Manager and on the popular customization
utility Kaleidoscope.

Perry Clarke switched from another well-known OS where he worked on
consumer software such as the Mplayer online gaming client.

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