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Mark/Space Modernizes Mac-To-Palm Synchronization



Future of Mac OS X Synchronization Ensured

LOS GATOS, Calif.–June 24, 2004–Mark/Space, Inc. today announced version
4.0 of The Missing Sync(TM) for Palm OS. Expected to ship in August, this
version supersedes PalmSource’s aging HotSync Manager for Mac OS X, the
software that allows data to be exchanged between a Palm OS handheld and a
Mac. Owners of Palm OS 4 and Palm OS 5 handhelds, including PDAs and
smartphones from AlphaSmart, Garmin, palmOne, Samsung, Sony and Tapwave,
will appreciate significant improvements over today’s HotSync Manager.

“When we set out to revitalize Mac-to-Palm synchronization, it was our
intention to provide users with three things,” said Brian Hall, Mark/Space
CEO,” compatibility with existing software conduits, cool new features like
Wi-Fi synchronization and confidence that a dedicated company with many
years of Mac and Palm OS expertise is supporting their needs. We’ve
succeeded in providing a solution that will ensure the future of Mac-to-Palm

Perhaps the most critical feature of The Missing Sync for Palm OS is that it
supports dozens of existing Palm conduits for the Mac, including Apple’s
freely available iSync Palm conduit and Microsoft’s Entourage conduit,
offering a seamless experience for users who switch from HotSync Manager.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS sports an efficient brushed-metal interface
that presents the user with easy access to the most-used features. One such
feature, called Conduit Profiles, allows the user to save a group of
specific conduits as a set so it can be employed again later. For example,
to install an application on the handheld without waiting for other
information to synchronize, the user would simply choose the Install Profile
and sync. This way, no time is spent running unnecessary conduits.

Other features include Wi-Fi (802.11) network sync, painless Bluetooth
synchronization, desktop mounting of memory cards, iPhoto and iTunes
integration, Internet sharing for sending and receiving email or downloading
AvantGo content, a streamlined mini-window view, improved install and backup
capabilities and SyncMinder(TM), a user-configurable alarm that reminds the
user when it’s time to sync.

At the PalmSource Developer Conference in February, PalmSource announced
that Palm OS Cobalt (Palm OS 6) would not include Mac synchronization
software. Mark/Space immediately responded by announcing that it would
provide the next generation of Mac-to-handheld synchronization
infrastructure. Instead of waiting for new devices to become available,
Mark/Space is releasing it’s innovative synchronization solution for Palm OS
4 and Palm OS 5 handhelds.


One of the most requested features from conduit developers is the ability to
create conduits using modern tools such as Apple’s Xcode. Mark/Space
engineers have not only made it possible for conduits to be created with
Xcode and compiled as native Mach-O executables, they have also built a
framework that allows developers to use Objective-C and Cocoa for conduit
development. In addition, existing conduits developed in Metrowerks
CodeWarrior are supported using the current PalmSource Conduit Development
Kit (CDK) 4.0.3.

“The new Missing Sync for Palm OS provides an intuitively designed solution
for all Palm titles with Macintosh support, such as our Pocket Quicken and
Leonard Maltin Movie and Video Guide,” said Ken Landau, president of
long-time Palm OS developer LandWare. “Together with Mark/Space we look
forward to delivering seamless Macintosh synchronization integration now and
in the future.”

“Mark/Space has done a wonderful job with The Missing Sync,” said Catherine
E. White, President at Llamagraphics, creator of the award-winning Life
Balance software. “As long time Mac and Palm OS developers, we’re so pleased
with the support for sophisticated conduits. Our Mac customers are in for a
treat. Not only has Mark/Space brought synchronization for our Mac customers
to a level on par with Windows sync, they’ve surpassed it in several areas.”

Mark/Space representatives will attend Apple’s Worldwide Developer
conference next week, where they will invite conduit developers to try a
beta release of The Missing Sync for Palm OS and provide them with technical
information on conduit development. Interested parties may apply to be a
beta tester at


Version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS is expected to be available from
the Mark/Space online store in August and will cost $39.95 for electronic
download, $49.95 for the CD. This product replaces several existing products
that will qualify users for discounted upgrade prices of $19.95 for
electronic download, $24.95 plus shipping and handling for a CD.
Additionally, anyone who purchases any of the Missing Sync products listed
below between today and the release of version 4.0 will receive a free
upgrade to the new version.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS, version 4.0, replaces the following products:

The Missing Sync for Palm OS, version 2.0.x
The Missing Sync for Sony CLI=C9, version 3.0.x
The Missing Sync for Tapwave Zodiac, version 1.0.x
The Missing Sync for Garmin iQue 3600, version 1.0.x

The Missing Sync for Palm OS, version 4.0, requires a computer running Mac
OS X 10.2.8 or later and a handheld with built-in USB running Palm OS 4 or
Palm OS 5. A list of supported devices is available on the Mark/Space

Founded in 1990, Mark/Space, Inc. develops and sells mobile and wireless
software, including the award-winning Missing Sync products that connect a
Mac OS computer to handheld devices from Dell, HP, PalmOne, Sony, Toshiba
and others.

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