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pdf-Office: Create pdf forms easily from scratch

Neuss, Germany, 06/20/2004

Create pdf forms easily from scratch

pdf-Office close on Adobe’s heels

pdf-Office ist he name of a new software for easy creation of pdf forms
from scratch. In latest version 2.6 there are now many new features
available to support beginners and professionals in drawing any kind of
form fields Acrobat Reader can process. pdf-Office now provides users with
all form features Adobe Professional contains for less than 20 % of Adobe=B4=

The leading software solution of UNIVERSE Software, Germany, focuses on
user who want to create forms from scratch. In contrast to other software
solutions pdf-Office therfore does not need import of any pdf files first.
Therefore you can maintain your files much easier because all features and
sources are directly located in pdf-Office. That is why creation and
handling of files and documents is much faster as in other solutions.

In addition to new handling features pdf-Office now is available with a new
starter pricing.

For customers who do not need upgrade services and support the German
software company announces a 49,- Euro ($ 60,-) starter package.

For professional user who want to get free upgrades, hotline and support
pdf-Office Professional will bet he right solution. pdf-Office Professional
costs 99,- Euro (120 USD) plus VAT.

Software is running on Win9x, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Linux and Mac OSX.

You will find a trial version at

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