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MacCVSClient 1.9


MacCVSClient 1.9 is a free CVS client running on Mac OS 7.1 and later.
There are separate Mac OS X (Mach-O), Classic PPC and Classic 68K
executables of the software.

MacCVSClient has features such as easy viewing of diffs, logs and
annotations. There is a mechanism to ensure you resolve conflicts before
committing changes. A convenient scrapbook window allows you to reuse text
bits while composing commit log messages.

Mac OS resource files can be stored in RBL, a line based text format. This
way they can be auto-merged by CVS and diff’ed like normal text files. The
AppleSingle storage format is supported as well.

In this release:

– CVS Edit/Unedit/Editors/Watch/Watchers commands.
– Sandbox Inspector window for the display of
file details, editors and watchers lists.
– Splash screen looks nice in Panther too.
– A whole lot of other bug fixes and tweaks.
– Updated documentation.

Please note:

The work on the Edit/Unedit/Editors/Watch/Watchers commands and related
functionality is sponsored by Type A Multimedia Network.

MacCVSClient 1.9 and a more detailed change log can be found at:

Joerg Bullmann

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