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CGIScripter 2.08 Enterprise Edition

6-7-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc. updates
CGIScripter 2.08 Enterprise Edition software –
with support for PostgreSQL databases. Solutions Inc., a developer of multi-platform database migration,
replication and development applications, has released CGIScripter
2.08 Enterprise Edition for MacOS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux.
CGIScripter 2.08 adds support for PostgreSQL database servers in
addition to the six databases which were already supported with
previous CGIScripter versions. Developers can quickly develop web
applications for PostgreSQL just as easily as any of the other
supported database servers.
CGIScripter now supports generating Perl CGI
scripts for 7 database servers, including MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL
Server, Sybase, DB2 and PostgreSQL. CGIScripter dramatically enhances
developer productivity for heterogeneous database installations.
Corporate IT departments, students and individuals can quickly and
easily test the performance and stability of web applications on any
or all of the supported databases. Perl CGI scripts are generated for
IIS web servers running on Windows and Apache web servers running on
UNIX/Linux/MacOS X.
CGIScripter 2.08 fully supports inserting,
updating, deleting and replacing images within the PostgreSQL database
via a web based interface on Linux/UNIX/MacOS X web
The demo edition of CGIScripter enables potential
customers to completely test the generation of Perl CGI scripts to
determine whether it will meet their software development needs. The
demo edition of CGIScripter provides full functionality for generating
Perl CGI scripts for all supported database servers and saving
configuration files. The demo edition is limited by not allowing
configuration files to be reloaded via the Open… menu.
Existing customers holding licenses for
CGIScripter Enterprise Edition may upgrade at no charge to this latest
CGIScripter Enterprise Edition licensing includes
use of the application by an unlimited number of users at any one
site. Entire IT departments can improve programming efficiency by
standardizing on the feature-rich and securely designed scripts
generated by CGIScripter.
CGIScripter is a multi-platform development
application which is available for MacOS X, Windows, Linux and
A free demo version of CGIScripter may be downloaded for each platform
from (a
For more info please see: (a
About .com Solutions Inc. Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications
supporting Oracle, FileMaker Pro, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase,
DB2 and PostgreSQL developers. CGIScripter is a multi-platform
application which generates Perl CGI scripts for databases. FmPro
Migrator migrates FileMaker databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL
Server, Sybase, DB2 and PostgreSQL. Installgen automates over 100
Oracle install procedures on Solaris, Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
Repgen replicates Oracle data in a multi-master configuration on
Solaris, Windows, Linux and MacOS X. For more information about .com
Solutions Inc., please visit: (a

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