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SQL4X Manager J 2.8 for Mac OS X

SQL4X Manager J 2.8 for Mac OS X

SQL4X Manager J is the professional tool to access and manage your database
server with Mac OS X. It automatically recognizes your database server and
helps you to do your work with more than 80 assistants and tools – from
table and user management to SQL queries with syntax coloring, data
transfer and reporting. Supports all major database servers (including
Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and many others).

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SQL4X Manager J is a comprehensive graphical Interface for web and database
developers to access any JDBC compliant database server. You can choose
between a terminal-like graphical SQL Console with SQL syntax coloring and
table name auto-completion to execute your own SQL commands and a fully
graphical schema and table browser.

– navigate through your database
– monitor and administer system settings
– access databases, tables and data
– manage users and access privileges
– graphically create and alter table designs
– import and export data
– execute sql queries, stored procedures and commands
– PHP/JSP code generator
– create and print reports
– transfer data between any jdbc compliant server
– graphically manage stored procedures, functions and triggers
– query assistant to graphically create sql queries

What’s new in this version

– improved user interface
– support for Oracle 10g
– enhanced DB2 support
– added support for MS SQL Server specific features (identity column, etc.)
– support for new PostgreSQL JDBC driver

Bug Fixes

– Data Transfer Manager: NULL column and icon bug fixed
– DB Quick Access: Reporting Tool integration fixed
– SQL Console: several minor bug fixes
– DB Info Panel: max resultset record bug fixed

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