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Link Checker 1.3


MAY 17,2003 – dot software is pleased to announce the release of Link
Checker 1.3. Link Checker quickly goes through your web site and finds any
broken links or images. It also displays any redirected links it comes
across so the links on your web site are not outdated. If the web site you
are checking is stored locally, you can fix the broken links right inside
Link Checker! Link Checker is great for anyone with a web site because
broken or outdated links and missing images don’t look good.

Key Features:
– Multiple web sites
– Custom parse modules
– Fix broken links
– Find outdated links
– Blazing speed
– HTML reports
– Also checks images, files, and more

What’s new in 1.3:
-Interface improvements
-Loop bug fixes in link parser
-Unexpected quit problem due to closing a connection twice fixed
-Now shows link being fixed when fixing broken links
-Redirected link bug fixed
-Web sites can now have a title
-Improved progress and status indicators
-Many, many bug fixes
-Progress bar bug fixed
-Bug when original link is broken is now fixed
-Support for basic authoritization password protected pages
-Support for BASE HREF tags
-Crashing problem as a result of redirected and non-HTML links fixed
-Ability to change user-agent
-“#” symbols on non-html pages now recognized as non-anchors
-Better HTML type definitions
-Fixed relative URL interpreting code
-Changed link reports to include listing broken links by page and by link
-Fixed redirected link counting error
-Report window now lists broken and redirected links by page
-Code cleaned and made more effecient
-Auto-fix redirected links
-Better reports with many, many more details
-Link fixing and files with UNIX line breaks crash fixed

More information about Link Checker can be found at and Link Checker for Mac OS X can be
downloaded directly from while Link
Checker for classic Mac OS can be downloaded from

About dot software:
dot software is a small shareware company based in Canada. dot software is
committed to providing quality products for the Macintosh platform. dot
software’s line of products include Link Checker, Cookie Muncher,
Aquaruler, QuickConvert, and Font Sampler. dot software can be found on the
web at

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