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MCE ships 4x DVD-R/RW/RAM drive for PB G4, Cube

MCE Technologies today announced a 4x DVD-Recordable slot-loading internal drive upgrade for the PowerBook G4 and Power Mac G4 Cube. The new dual drive records to both DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW media, and reads and writes to 4.7GB and 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM media. The MCE 4x DVD-R/RW/RAM drive is compatible with Apple’s iTunes, iDVD, Finder Burning, and DVD Player. The suggested retail price is US$279 for those PowerBook G4 or Cube systems currently with a CD-R/RW drive, CD-R/RW-DVD-ROM combo drive, or DVD-R drive, and $329 for those systems currently with a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM only drive.

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