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PalmOne to release two new Zire handhelds

PalmOne plans to announce next week two new additions to its Zire line of handheld devices, according to CNET “The Zire 72 (US$299) will likely use Intel’s latest high-end handheld processor, the PXA270 chip code-named Bulverde, which has a clock speed of 312MHz, the sources said. The high-end handheld will come with a built-in digital camera, a digital audio player, a high-resolution display, a Secure Digital expansion slot and Bluetooth networking technology. The Zire 31 ($149) will use an Intel handheld chip with a clock speed of 200MHz. It will come with a Secure Digital expansion slot, a digital audio player, and a display with a 160-by-160-pixel resolution.” Update: Engadget points to a photo gallery with several pics of the new handhelds.

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