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FileMaker Server 7 Free Preview

FileMaker To Preview the New FileMaker Server 7,
High Performance Server Software for Workgroups

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Santa Clara, Ca., April 7, 2004– FileMaker announced today that
it will offer a free preview of FileMaker Server 7 starting later
this month for all FileMaker customers. Pre-registration for the
Preview begins today on the FileMaker website. The Preview includes a
functional pre-release version of FileMaker Server 7, which can be
used with a trial or retail version of the new FileMaker Pro 7. All
pre-registrants will be notified via email when the Preview begins
with download instructions for the software.

FileMaker Server 7 is high-performance server software that
efficiently manages shared FileMaker Pro 7 database solutions.
FileMaker Server 7 will feature a significantly remodeled server
architecture that can host millions of data tables and leverage
high-performance hard disk storage systems, multi-CPU server
hardware, and a wide range of server operating systems including Mac
OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 Server.
FileMaker Server 7 will allow users to protect their data with
industry-standard security features, such as SSL (Secure Socket
Layer), and perform live backups of data without interruption to
other users. Users can leverage existing user accounts with external
authentication based on Active Directory or Open Directory.

“We’ve had overwhelming positive response to our recently
released FileMaker Pro 7 and our customers are eager to begin testing
their server-based solutions and planning their upgrades and new
deployments,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, Marketing
and Services, FileMaker. “The FileMaker Server 7 Preview is an
excellent way for users of shared FileMaker 7 databases to get
acquainted with the new features in this product, including data
transfer encryption and much more,” added Rosenberg.
 “Since it works with our FileMaker Pro 7 trial version,
it is also a free opportunity for anyone to experiment with a
complete state-of-the art easy-to-use workgroup database

Last month, the company shipped FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker
Developer 7, the first members of the most significant new FileMaker
product line ever, with breakthroughs in ease-of-use, customizability
and developer productivity.

FileMaker Server 7, Server 7 Advanced, FileMaker Mobile 7 and
FileMaker Applicaitons: Pricing and Availability

FileMaker Server 7, priced at $999/$499 upgrade (U.S., Suggested List
Price), will be joined later in the year by FileMaker Server 7
Advanced, priced at $2,499/ $1,499 upgrade (U.S., SLP) ) and
FileMaker Mobile 7, priced at $69/$35 upgrade (U.S. SLP).
 FileMaker Server 7 Advanced is an enhanced version of FileMaker
Server 7 that adds high volume “instant” web publishing,
support for custom web sites, and support for industry standard
integration through ODBC, JDBC, and XML. FileMaker plans to ship
FileMaker Pro 7-compatible versions of its Applications, with Tasks
and Meetings planned by May, and Donations and Recruiter planned for

About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker Pro is used by millions of individuals and workgroups
around the world to be more productive and efficient. Business,
education and government customers rely on FileMaker to manage
people, projects, images, assets and other information. In addition
to being the number one-selling easy-to-use database software, the
award-winning FileMaker product line also includes a range of
scalable servers, mobile database products, low-cost Applications
that automate basic business tasks, ready-to-use Starter Solutions,
and tools to create and share solutions from the desktop to the web.
FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:

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