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Omnis Studio Version 4.0

(font size=3D”-1″)Raining Data Announces MySQL Connectivity With
the Release of Omnis Studio Version 4.0

(font size=3D”-1″)IRVINE, Calif., March 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/
— Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq: (a
size=3D”-1″)RDTA(/a)(font size=3D”-1″) – (a
size=3D”-1″)News(/a)(font size=3D”-1″)), a long-time provider of
scalable, flexible and reliable data management software, announced
the latest release of (a
size=3D”-1″)Omnis Studio Version 4.0(/a)(font

(font size=3D”-1″)This new major release in the Company’s line of
Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools builds upon what was already
one of the most powerful and cost effective development solutions.
Omnis Studio 4.0 delivers increased integration, productivity, and
flexibility, allowing developers to build applications in less time
and at a lower cost. New product features include native access to
MySQL, one of the world’s most popular databases, access to J2SE Java
based objects, Studio applets that allow Omnis code to be published to
other environments such as Windows CE, and JDBC connectivity.
Significant improvements to the features and functionality of the
development environment greatly reduce the time required to write and
debug code, and enhancements to the report writer allow users to make
full use of Omnis Studio’s Object Oriented structure.

(font size=3D”-1″)Gwyneth Gibbs, Raining Data’s Vice President,
European Operations, said, "with the addition of MySQL access and
other new features, Omnis Studio 4.0 provides increased connectivity
options, making Omnis Studio an excellent framework for accessing
multiple data sources and components. The enhancements in our latest
release are a direct result of listening to our customers and
providing the features they need to build powerful, leading-edge
business applications."

(font size=3D”-1″)The new Omnis Studio 4.0 was launched at the
recent CeBIT international trade fair in Hanover, Germany, and will be
shown for the first time in the UK at the upcoming Linux User &
Developer Expo at Olympia, London, April 20 =F6 21, 2004.

(font size=3D”-1″)About Omnis Studio

(font size=3D”-1″)Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD
tool that provides a component-based environment for building
ebusiness, database and client/server applications. Its Web Client
plug-in technology allows server-based applications to be accessed
over the Internet using popular Web-browsers, giving fast, secure,
scalable solutions in a minimum of development time. With complete
scalability from individual to enterprise level solutions, Omnis
applications can be developed on any one supported platform and
deployed on any other platform without modification. Supported
platforms include, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux, and
Sun Solaris. Omnis directly supports traditional SQL databases such as
Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and Informix, as well as Raining Data’s
advanced multidimensional database, D3. Most other databases may be
accessed via JDBC or ODBC. Omnis Studio dramatically cuts application
development time compared to 3GL environments (C++, Java), while
allowing the developer to use objects developed in 3GL environments as
components in Omnis applications. More information about Omnis can be
found at (a href=3D””)(font
size=3D”-1″) size=3D”-1″).

(font size=3D”-1″)About Raining Data

(font size=3D”-1″)Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq: (a
size=3D”-1″)RDTA(/a)(font size=3D”-1″) – (a
size=3D”-1″)News(/a)(font size=3D”-1″)), headquartered in Irvine,
California, has been providing reliable data management and rapid
application deployment solutions for developers of database
applications for more than two decades. Raining Data’s flagship
products include: 1) high-performance TigerLogic(TM) XML Data
Management Server (XDMS), which provides flexible, scalable and
extensible storage and retrieval of critical business data across a
variety of structured and unstructured information sources, delivering
mid-tier scalability and transactional integrity of enterprise
databases as well as dynamic extensibility and ease of use, mostly
found in repositories and file systems; 2) D3=A8, mvEnterprise=A8 and
mvBase=A8 family of powerful Pick=A8 based hierarchical
multi-dimensional database management systems that are the choice of
more than a thousand application developers worldwide; 3) Pick Data
Provider for .NET(TM) which allows D3, UniData=A8 and UniVerse=A8
database platform users to take advantage of the .NET Framework by
utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio=A8 .NET, serving as a bridge between
an application and the data source; and 4) Omnis Studio=A8, a
powerful, cross-platform, object-oriented RAD tool for developing
sophisticated thick-client, Web-client or ultra thin-client database

(font size=3D”-1″)The Raining Data customer installed base includes
more than 500,000 active users, representing over 20,000 customer
sites worldwide with a significant base of diverse vertical
applications. With approximately 150 employees in four countries, the
company has an extensive distribution channel, 24×7 customer support
and a strong international presence. More information about Raining
Data Corporation and its products can be found at (a
size=3D”-1″) size=3D”-1″)

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