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iTools 7.3 Adds Popular Web Utilities

New iTools 7.3 Adds Popular Web Utilities
Easiest Apache in the world gets easier!

Santa Barbara, CA, March 26, 2004. iTools 7.3, heralded for its
simplicity and power, saves webmasters time and money. Webmasters can
setup unlimited web sites on Mac OS X, and let each client administer
his own domain. iTools 7’s secure, domain-specific remote Apache
administration, using a 5th generation suite of tools, makes Apache on
Mac OS X 10.3, the easiest Apache in the world to administer. The new
iTools 7.3, released today, adds features, performance enhancements, and
the latest Apache 2. Apache 2.0.49, released last week, is considered
the best Apache version available.

Added to the basic ability to set up an Apache web server, a DNS server
or an FTP server, iTools now includes tools for setting up community
discussion boards, displaying photos on the web, starting your own blog,
and creating web portals to enable organizations & communities to access
information, share calendars, and collaborate efficiently, all in the
context of a browser-based environment. The add-on utilities now
include: phpBB, Gallery, b2++, and PHP-Nuke.

iTools 7.3 adds a ten-fold performance improvement to the desktop iTools
Manager. Other enhancements include the optional use of encryption
during browser-based configuration sessions, the flexibility to restart
various server daemons either manually or automatically upon
configuration changes, FastCGI support, the ability to use the iTools
GUI to change the order that virtual hosts are loaded by Apache, new log
viewing options, and extensions to the automatic system update facility
to include add-on packages. The documentation, as well, has been
enhanced and the open-source add-on packages have been updated to the
latest available versions (PHP 4.3.4, MySQL 4.0.18, Tomcat 5.0.19,
ht://Dig 3.1.6). This release also includes a number of minor bug

iTools 7.3 is $349. A companion mail server and list server,
Post.Office, is available in special iTools bundles. iTools 7.3 is a
free upgrade for existing iTools 7 customers. iTools can be used with
either Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) or Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) and works
equally well on Mac OS X ‘client’ or Mac OS X Server. See the Tenon web
site ( for details and purchasing.

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class
networking on the Macintosh for over a decade. Tenon is continuing that
tradition on Mac OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at
805-963-6983, by the internet at, or via the web at

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