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DLO ships entire line of iPod mini accessories

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced that its complete line of cases and accessories for Apple’s iPod mini is now shipping. DLO’s iPod mini products include: the Jam Jacket mini (US$19.99), which features a built-in, transparent screen protector and the same flexible silicone as the Jam Jacket; the Jam Jacket Pro mini ($24.99), an upgrade to the Jam Jacket mini with two reinforced slits in the back that accommodate the new DLO armband (included); the Jam Jacket mini 3Pacs ($34.99) and Jam Jacket Pro mini 3Pacs ($39.99); the Italian leather DLO Podfolio mini ($29.99); and the Action Jacket mini ($29.99) with an improved Velcro armband.

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