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Boris FX ships Continuum Complete AVX 3

Boris FX today announced that it is now shipping Continuum Complete AVX 3, the latest version of its suite of plug-in filters and transitions for Avid systems. Continuum Complete AVX 3 filters include: Lens Flare, Glint, Glare, DeGrain, Match Grain, DeNoise, DeInterlace, Optical Flow, Motion Blur, Glow Matte, Wire Remover, Witness Protection and several more. Version 3 offers built-in motion tracking, the ability to apply multiple filters to keyed elements or titles without affecting the background, and a new PixelChooser option that allows the user to define a masked region by drawing an animatable vector-based polygon onscreen. Continuum Complete AVX 3 for Avid Xpress DV and Avid Xpress Pro sells for US$795. The software is also available for Avid Adrenaline and Meridien-based systems for $1,995.

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