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Motorola chip ‘paves way for 1.5GHz PowerBook G4’

Motorola today announced an updated version of its PowerPC G4 processor, “taking the part to 1.5GHz and paving the way for one more PowerBook G4 update before the line is upgraded to IBM’s 90nm G5 chip,” according to The Register. “The new Motorola part is dubbed the 7447A and adds on-the-fly clock frequency adjustment, allowing system makers to run at reduced frequencies according to workload. The upshot is longer battery life. There’s now a temperature-sensing diodes included to monitor die temperature, too, Motorola says. Essentially, the 7447A is a revised 7447, itself a low-power version of the 7457. The 130nm 7447 is currently used by Apple in its PowerBook G4.”

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