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O’Reilly releases ‘Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks’

O’Reilly has announced the release of “Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks” by Scott Fullam. The US$29.95 book offers “an array of inventive, customized electronics projects for the geek who can’t help looking at a gadget and wondering how it might be upgraded. ‘Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks’ covers the tools of the hardware hacking trade and basic soldering techniques. Clear step-by-step instructions allow even those with no formal electronics or hardware-engineering skills to hack real hardware in fun and clever ways. Hacks are rated on a scale of difficulty, cost, and duration. Projects range from those that are truly useful to some things you may have never thought to do, but which are really cool, such as: building your own arcade game; making radio-controlled cars play laser tag; building an automobile periscope; creating a remote object tracker; hacking an 802.11b antenna; and building a building-size display.”

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