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SJ Mercury News looks at the Mac’s 20th anniversary

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh, the San Jose Mercury News has posted the following articles: “The Mac that roared,” “Steve Jobs’ personality, values inseparable from the Apple saga,” “A look at secret new Apple computer” and “How the Macintosh computer grew” (last two originally published in 1984). “It changed computing as we knew it. Twenty years ago, Apple Computer heaved a sledgehammer into the face of the establishment with its revolutionary Macintosh. It gave birth to our culture of pointing and clicking, desktop icons, and dragging files to the trash. Later the Mac would bring CD drives, candy-colored cases and wireless networking. But when it first said hello in 1984, it was as if all of Silicon Valley’s technical brilliance and all of its verve had been captured in one plucky beige box.” [Thanks to Russ Morris for this news tip.]

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