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Pogue looks at iLife ’04

The New York Times’ David Pogue has written an article on iLife ’04 and GarageBand, which are now available. “Each program in the updated suite (except iTunes) offers about a dozen enhancements. For example, the new iMovie offers video trimming with an undo feature right in the storyboard strip. The iDVD program introduces 20 new professional-looking templates for your DVD menu screens, and can now fit two hours of amazing-looking video onto a disc. For iPhoto 4, the chief improvement is speed, enough to handle 25,000 photos per collection without bogging down. But iLife ’04 also includes a new program called GarageBand. It’s designed to let people with even the feeblest musical talent, or even musical interest, create professional-sounding digital recordings. It puts at least as much power into amateur hands as its i-predecessors; all it lacks is the traditional first initial.”

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