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eShox3 3.7

New eShox3 3.7!
eShox3 3.7 includes support for new payment and shipping options, improved
performance and integration with QuickBooks (Orders/Customers Export to
Mac/PC/Online versions of QB). Try eShox3 3.7 now via our downloads page;
demo versions are fully functional sans checkout capability.

New features:

* Export of online orders to QuickBooks (Mac/Win/Net) and MYOB (UK Version)
for accounting.
* New pricing as low as $99/year when purchased in bundles with qualified
web hosting providers such as MacDock ( and (

* Support for international realtime FedEx shipping quotes – from anywhere
to anywhere.
* New modules including 2Checkout, viaKLIX and eWay payments, DHL shipping
(US),support for multiple table-based shipping quotes and quotes based on
world regions.
* 20% Performance improvement over previous versions taking advantage of
new MySQL and PHP features.
* Key enhancements to the overall admin user interface experience including
standardization of credit card input and storage.

Our free 30-day eShox Express service is offered to allow store owners to
try eShox before they purchase.

Product Information

eShox is the most complete PHP Ecommerce solution available. With
installation taking less than 15 minutes, you’ll have your shop ready in
about the time it takes to open a storefront for a business day. No
programming, no special hardware or software required.

Web Server Compatibility
eShox uses highly reliable UNIX technologies for maximum performance and
reliability; is fully compatible with WebSTAR V and Apache Web server
software; and can be hosted on virtually any server capable of running PHP
and MySQL.

Simple, Elegant Design
eShox includes multiple pre-built interface button themes, available in all
supported languages. eShox’s interface designer provides the capability to
create a unique look for any store. Multiple pre-built and customizable
HTML templates (“skins”) are included and may be edited with virtually any
HTML editor, including Macromedia Dreamweaver (via Dreamweaver WebDAV).
eShox’s interface is designed to be non-intrusive for maximum customization.

Multi-user Administration
Web-based administration from any Web browser. Web administration allows
multiple administrators to set preferences, administer products, update
order statuses, modify customer information, view statistics and print
invoices. Each eShox Admin user can be set with varying levels of access.
Each Manufacturer may login and see only orders that pertain to them.

Real-time Statistics
eShox provides complete, real-time statistics in the forms of line graphs
and pie charts: who’s buying what; where they are coming from (by site and
by region); and what your profits and costs are. There are over 16 unique
breakdowns of store statistics, all of which are dynamically updated.

Database Exchange
eShox provides complete data import and export capability for integration
with FileMaker Pro and other applications with flat-file database
compatibility. This allows store administrators to transfer customer and
product information between eShox and many other applications. eShox also
includes full backup and restore functions.

Shipping Features
eShox provides real-time quotes for International, Overnight, Two-day,
Three-day, and Ground shipping via United States Postal Service (USPS),
FedEx, UPS, Airborne (US shops) and Canada Post (Canadian shops). Other
shipping options include: Flat Rate (flat rate per order), Per Item (flat
rate per item) and Table Rate (based on weight or price). Insurance and
packaging weight can be defined and are used in shipping rate calculations.

Payment Processing
eShox includes support for an array of real-time payment gateways:, Bank of America eStores, euroConex Clikpay, Moneris eSelect
Plus, NOCHEX, PayPal, PSiGate, SECPay, USA ePay, Verisign Payflow Link and
WorldPay Select Junior. Payment gateways allow for the payment to be
processed automatically when the customer completes an order. Multiple
payment methods can be enabled simultaneously to allow the customer to
choose their preferred method.

Support for multiple currencies (with automated, daily exchange rate
updates), regional tax rates and product-specific tax rates. Store is
available in user-selected languages; eShox supports Brazilian Portuguese,
Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,
Spanish and Swedish.

eShox Technical Information & Licensing


* Based on open-source, eShox OS foundation.
* Built with high performance PHP scripting language.
* Stable, fast UNIX-based MySQL database engine.


* Web-based administration for remote access.
* Support for multiple admin user levels.
* Easy to use interface, no programming or UNIX knowledge required.
* Built-in, searchable help system.
* Support for multiple brands/affiliates.
* “File Finder” for easy filesystem administration.


* Customer assistance for help while shopping.
* Email order status updates and confirmation (customizable).
* Customer login with account history and order status.
* Automated password retrieval for lost passwords.
* Automatic Rendezvous / LPR order printing (LAN printers only).

Products and Categories

* Support for simple single-category product hierarchy.
* Support for multi-level product hierarchy with unlimited category and
sub-category trees.
* Search support for finding products by name, description and price.
* Support for customizable and downloadable products.
* Support for dynamic sorting of categories and products.
* Support for stealth (hidden) products and categories.
* Support for featured products and special pricing.
* Customer “home” categories for promotion of specific products.

Music Features

* Link products to album and artist information.
* Include artist biography, image and tour dates.
* Add sample tracks in MP3, AC3, RealPlayer, QuickTime and Windows Media
Player formats.

User Interface

* Dreamweaver WebDAV editing of store interface an product information.
* Multiple pre-built, customizable interface skins.
* Multiple pre-built button themes.

Database Management

* Full backup and restore of database.
* Sequential XML Export of multiple order’s data.
* Import and export of product, category and customer data in tab-delimited
* Support for export of customers and orders in QuickBooks format.

Invoicing and Messaging

* Printable invoices, purchase orders, packing slips and contact sheets
* Customizable, HTML-based Email messaging.

Geographical Support

* Support for multiple languages:

Brazilian Portuguese
Chinese (simplified and traditional)
English (US and UK)
Mexican Spanish

* Support for multiple currencies with daily exchange rate updates.
* Support for regional and product-specific tax rates.
Real-time Statistics

* Real-time, dynamic statistics of:

Top Products (pie graph)
Top Affiliates (pie graph)
Top Customers (pie graph)
Top Manufacturers (pie graph)
Top Referral Sites (pie graph)
Top Countries (pie graph)
World Regions (world chart)
Order Status (pie graph)
Taxes (line graph)
Historical (line graphs)
Cumulative (line graph)
Comparison (line graph)

* Breakdown of costs, revenue and profits.

Payment Options

* Support for multiple, simultaneous real-time payment gateways:

CardService LinkPoint
Bank of America eStores
eWay (Australia)
euroConex ClikPay (Europe)
Moneris eSelect (Canada)
Ogone (Europe)
USA ePay
Verisign Payflow Link
WorldPay Select Junior (Europe)

* Offline support for credit cards (with number verification).
* Support for COD, checks and money orders.

Shipping Options

* Support for multiple, simultaneous shipping carriers with real-time quotes:

FedEx Domestic and International.
USPS Domestic and International (US).
UPS Domestic and International (US).
DHL Domestic and International (US).
Airborne Domestic and International (US).
Canada Post (Canada)

* Flat rate per order and per item support.
* Table rate support (based on weight).
* Regional rate support (based on weight, specific for each world region).
* Support for insurance and handling fees.


eShox Licenses on a per-store, per-year basis:

eShox One-year License: $299
eShox One-year License Renewal: $99
eShox One-year Additional License: $199
eShox One-year Additional License Renewal: $66

eShox Licenses on a per-store, unlimited-time basis:

eShox Unlimited License: $499
eShox Unlimited Additional License: $349

eShox License Upgrades:

eShox 1.x or 2.x to eShox License Upgrade: $99
eShox to eShox Unlimited License Upgrade: $199

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