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Xserve G5 offers ‘huge savings’ over Windows servers

“What’s stunning isn’t that Apple’s engineers can, say, design a server with two 2GHz G5 processors, 1GB of memory, storage capacity of 80 to 750GB and loads of other goodies all in a slim 1U package,” writes Computerworld’s Mark Hall. “No, what’s stunning is that Apple’s marketers will price the Xserve system at $3,999. That makes the long-reputed price-gouging Macintosh maker the price leader for dual-CPU servers by a couple of bucks. But when you add in Windows per-client pricing, the savings become huge. Apple sells its systems with no per-client fees for Mac OS X. In contrast, a 25-user enterprise license for Windows adds $2,495 to the price of a dual-processor PowerEdge 1750 server from Dell.”

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