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MacPAD 1.0

WINCHESTER, Mass. January 8, 2004– has made available
MacPAD 1.0 at their website.

As featured in a TidBITS article last month by Adam Engst , MacPAD is an
application that allows software developers to set their product
information in a central location, where shareware websites can go and
check for the latest versions of software without the developer having
to waste time submitting their changes multiple times.

While MacPAD will be made available separately, the version found on includes a Software Developers Kit (SDK) that includes
source code for developers to have automatic version checking built
into their software. Source code is included for Carbon, Cocoa,
REALBasic and php.

The software utilities and source code have been provided for free to
the Mac community by many developers, including Kevin Ballard, Mark
Fleming, David Dunham, Tom McGrath and Ricardo Batista.

The web site address is and the SDK with MacPAD 1.0 can be downloaded from

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