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Revzeroconf Networking SDK for Revolution Released

Revzeroconf Networking SDK for Revolution Released
Open-Source SDK for Zeroconf/Rendezvous Networking

Santa Fe NM, US
December 18th, 2003

Mindlube Software today announced the availability of revzeroconf, a
software development kit that gives developers the ability to easily add
Zeroconf/Rendezvous(tm) networking to their Revolution applications.

Zeroconf standardizes networking protocols for delivering hassle-free
ad-hoc networking, service discovery, and IP configuration, enabling
computers to automatically find out what networking services are available.
(Rendezvous is Apple Computer’s implementation of Zeroconf, and has been
enjoyed by Mac users since OS X 10.2.) Zeroconf is becoming widely used by
electronics and printer manufacturers, as well as software developers.

The revzeroconf SDK makes these capabilities available to Revolution
developers for Mac OS 10.2 or newer and Windows 2000/XP or newer. Future
releases will support Linux and FreeBSD.

Revzeroconf is powered by Swampwolf Technologies’s Howl, a cross-platform
implementation of the Zeroconf networking standard. The SDK is freely
available and is released under the same open-source license as Howl.

For more information, see:

revzeroconf: (
Howl: (
Rendezvous: (
Zeroconf: (
Revolution: (

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