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MCE ships QuickStream camera-mountable DV recorder

MCE Technologies is now shipping QuickStream DV, a camera-mountable, self-powered digital video (DV) capture and storage solution. The product offers real-time acquisition of DV directly from a DV camera to its internal hard disk, effectively eliminated the digitizing process and allowing footage to be edited immediately. Also included is MCE StreamManager clip management software for Mac OS X 10.2 or later, which can display all clips recorded with the QuickStream DV and allows the user to preview, rename, delete, copy or move those clips as well as instantly see recording time remaining. The QuickStream DV works with any DV camera with a FireWire interface, and records in user selectable file formats including QuickTime (.mov), raw DV (.dv), Windows AVI2, (.avi), and Canopus AVI2 (.avi). It is available in 90-minute, 3-hour, 4.5-hour, and 6-hour models for US$599, $729, $849, and $999 respectively.

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