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Kano ships 8x dual-format DVD+RW/R DVD-RW/R drive

Kano Technologies today introduced a new 8x dual-format DVD+RW/R and DVD-RW/R drive. The K8Xtreme has an 8x write speed for both DVD+R and -R media, and can record an entire DVD in less than 15 minutes. In addition, the K8Xtreme can write to and read CD media at 32x16x40x speeds, and can read DVD-ROM at a speed of 12x. The new drive is available in three versions: an internal model for PCs, and external models for PCs and Macs. The new drive comes complete with cables for the external models, drive mount screws, DVD+R media and an instruction manual for US$299 for the K8500RF external FireWire model for Macintosh.

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