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Jobs interviewed by Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has published an interesting interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in which he shares his views on the music industry and Apple’s position in it. Discussing bringing the iPod and iTunes to Windows, Jobs said, “I’m sure we’re losing some Mac sales, but half our sales of iPods are to the Windows world already.” When asked if an Apple movie store was a possibility, he said, “We don’t think that’s what people want. A movie takes forever to download — there’s no instant gratification.” The interviewer also asked if Apple one day will start signing musicians. Jobs said, “Well, it would be very easy for us to sign up a musician. It would be very hard for us to sign up a young musician who was successful. Because that’s what the record companies do. We think there are a lot of structural changes that are probably gonna happen in the record industry, though. We’ve talked to a large number of artists who don’t like their record company, and I was curious about that.”

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