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For Immediate Release
Contact: Bryan Derman,

LicenseControl: Secure Licensing for the rest of us

2003-Dec-02 : Derman Enterprises is looking for “a few good Vendors” to
help initialize its Licensing Services.

If you sell software without licensing or with license codes that can be
“shared” across systems and with others, we can help increase your revenue.

We provide LicenseControl and product-activation services that leave
compliant users in control of their software, their system and their
privacy … and yet, also meet Vendors’ needs for “pretty good piracy

To learn more, take our tour at

Participate in Our Founders Program
LicenseControl and our Licensing Services are mature products in their
third release. We are looking to work closely with a number of Vendors as
we ramp up our new web-based Vendor interfaces. Incentives are offered to
those involved.

Sign up or contact us via

Software Licensing Services Coming to Kagi
We’re also in the process of completing an integration with Kagi’s e-store
so you’ll have access to our Licensing Services integrated with Kagi’s
purchase/payment and automated license-code distribution systems. If
you’re a Kagi Supplier, feel free to join us now.

Additional information, for your convenience:
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Category: Developer or Business
Tools or Misc

Product Requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Bryan Derman Derman Enterprises Incorporated

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