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HELIOS announces EtherShare support for Apple Filing Protocol 3.1

HELIOS announces EtherShare support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) 3.1

Hannover, Germany— November 19, 2003— HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading
provider of file, print and prepress server solutions, announced that
HELIOS EtherShare now supports the latest version of Apple Computer’s Apple
Filing Protocol (AFP 3.1). When used with HELIOS EtherShare, AFP 3.1 is th=
easiest, best performing, and most reliable protocol for connecting
multiple Mac OS X clients to a server for sharing files easily and
efficiently over a network.

HELIOS EtherShare support for AFP 3.1 includes:

– File names up to 255 characters in length
– Unicode/UTF-8 file names and volumes
(cross-platform compatible with Mac and Windows clients via PCShare)
– Very large file support, no 4 GB limit any longer, for archive,
and video data
– Full Mac OS X compatibility (Mac OS X 10.3 recommended)
– Mac OS 8/9 backward compatibility via existing AFP 2.2 protocol
– Client/Server reconnect support, and Mac OS X client sleep support
– 2-3 times faster performance than NFS or SMB/CIFS file sharing

Using a 1 GHz G4 Mac OS X 10.2 client connected via Gigabit Ethernet to a
fast EtherShare AFP 3.1 server, LanTest=81 shows read/write performance up t=
60 MBytes per second when using a single OS X client. Server based FindFile
using AFP volumes is done in seconds versus hours using NFS or SMB/CIFS

“We are delighted to deliver the best performing AFP 3.1 file and print
server for all major UNIX server platforms, demonstrating the technology
leadership role that HELIOS plays in the networking field”, says Helmut
Tschemernjak, Founder and President of HELIOS.

Users can contact their HELIOS reseller for complete details.

HELIOS EtherShare is part of the HELIOS 4th generation family of network
and prepress server products. EtherShare, PCShare, and WebShare provide
integrated cross-platform networking for Macintosh and Windows clients,
offering advanced file and print server services, with easy remote server
administration. HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake and PrintPreview bring
high efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing

Smart Ideas for Better Networking
HELIOS products run on powerful and scalable servers including Apple
Computer Mac OS X, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX and Tru64 UNIX, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX,
Sun Solaris, and Linux on Pentium based systems. HELIOS products provide
reliable cross-platform support for Macintosh, DOS/Windows and UNIX-based

Distributors sell HELIOS products worldwide to value-added resellers who
provide complete networking solutions to customers. HELIOS software
products are also available as part of OEM solutions by many major vendors
in the prepress industry.

For U.S. Sales
European MikroGraf Corp.: 916-923-3520;;

For further editor information, please contact:
HELIOS Software GmbH, Attn: marketing, Steinriede 3, D-30827 Garbsen,
Germany; Fax +49 5131-709325; E-mail:; or Web access at

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