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FE77 Announces Server Suite 2

FE77 Announces Server Suite 2
Available immediately with new features and support for Mac OS X 10.3

SAN FRANCISCO, California – November 20, 2003 – FE77 Software, LLC.
announced that the next version of its popular web server product, Server
Suite for OS X, is available for immediate download.

FE77 Server Suite version 2 is designed to turn your existing Mac G3, G4,
or G5 running Mac OS X Client 10.2 or 10.3 into an open standards based web
services powerhouse. Mac users can now design, develop and deploy their
applications with an easy to use interface and powerful UNIX system that is
Mac OS X, as well as utilize the best Java development platform available

With Server Suite 2, FE77 has integrated popular open source software
technologies and created simple management tools to make it easy to provide
powerful standards-based server solutions. Server Suite 2 is a
comprehensive server solution that is ideal for corporate and educational
institutions as well as individual developers.

FE77 Server Suite 2 features a fast, OS X optimized version of Apache 2
(2.0.47) the worlds fastest web server with support for WEBDAV , the latest
version of Jakarta Tomcat, version 4.0.27, built for Java 1.4.1 and a new
version of Server which is optimized for Mac OS X 10.2 and
10.3. Server Suite 2 is the easiest and least expensive way to deploy
powerful Internet services from existing Mac OS X machines.

In addition to powerful server software and effortless setup Server Suite 2
continues to feature unlimited server connections at no additional costs. A
license is purchased for a machine, regardless of CPUs or simultaneous
connections, and we now offer volume discounts as an affordable option for
multi-machine installs.

Server, our easy to use desktop manager client application,
features a new interface and new features including a preferences system
offering more controls over your server functions from a small, fast,
elegant interface. New in version 1.5, available only with Server Suite 2,
includes localization in French and German.

Pricing & Availability

Single User License:

FE77 Server Suite version 2 is available immediately through our online
store located at starting at $60.00 for a single user
license, with volume discounts available.

Software Subscription Service:

Get the most out of your server with a 12 month or 24 month non-cancelable
agreement that entitles your organization to receive every major upgrade
release for Server manager. This program is designed to protect your
software investment and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

With one easy payment, you can simplify IT budget management and reduce
administration overhead. The best part is that upgrades are shipped to you
automatically, so all of your computers can be standardized with the latest
server software.

12 Month programs start at $100.00
24 Month programs start at $200.00

Educational Discounts:

Qualifying teachers and students at recognized schools can order FE77
Server Suite for the price of $19.95 + shipping, CD purchase only. This
package contains the same software as our commercial products but is
offered only to teachers and students for their own personal, education,
and/or research use.

About fe77 Software, LLC.

fe77 Software, LLC. designs, builds and hosts applications for small to
large-sized companies. The company specializes in client-server
applications used in multiple presentation devices (Cellular, PDA and
Desktop Clients) across multiple operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Mac
OSX, Windows) using Java technologies. The fe77 product line includes: One
Press, hosted press room and corporate news system that gives companies the
ability to publish corporate information in real-time; and, the fe77 Server
Suite and Server, which allow users to get the most out of
their OS X Client by turning it into an enterprise server, as well as the
freedom to set-up, configure and monitor Web sites with Apache and Tomcat
services through the Mac OSX platform. For more information on fe77
Software, LLC, please visit its Web site at

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