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Global Graphics adds Mac OS X support to Jaws PDF Creator

For immediate release

Global Graphics adds Mac OS X support to Jaws PDF Creator(TM)

Cambridge, UK and Las Vegas; November 17, 2003 — Now, users of
Macintosh OS X systems can take advantage of Global Graphics Software’s
award-winning and affordable PDF creation software, with the release today
of Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 from the subsidiary of Global Graphics S.A.
(Euronext: GLOG) and a leading developer and supplier of high-performance
solutions for document creation, management and printing.

Introduced here at Comdex Las Vegas 2003, the newest version of Jaws PDF
Creator gives Mac OS X users the full range of features previously
available to Mac OS 9 users, including a high level of security, fast web
downloads and accurate color handling.

Jaws PDF Creator lets users convert documents from virtually any
application into the universal PDF file format that retains the exact
format, graphics, fonts and color of the original and allows them to be
opened by anyone using a PDF viewing application. The self-contained and
compact PDF files can be distributed, viewed, edited, stored, published
onto web sites and CD-ROMs, and printed on any printer.

High level of performance
Jaw PDF Creator 3.4 supports the PDF 1.4 specification and 128-bit
encryption to enable a high level of flexibility and security. The software
excels at distilling files containing device-independent CIE-based colors
used for the high-end proofing and print production applications dominated
by Macintosh systems. CIE-based color spaces, such as CalGray, CalRGB,
-Lab or ICC profiles, are all stored within the Jaws PDF file. The
software also contains reliable font embedding, and powerful image
compression capabilities.

Files created by Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 open quickly when downloaded from
the Web, owing to a linearization feature initially available in version
3.0. The first page of the PDF document is displayed immediately, while the
rest of the file continues to download at speed behind it.

Easy to install, Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 lets users create PDF files by
either ‘printing’ to a PDF file from within any application, or by
‘drag-and-drop’ to the Jaws PDF Creator icon on the desktop. Files produced
by Jaws PDF Creator are compatible with all Adobe Acrobat products and
any other PDF tools. Users can opt for three pre-defined configurations
that automatically optimize the PDF file for high-resolution printing,
printing to desktop printers, or web publishing. They also can define and
save their own custom output configurations.

“Adding support for Mac OS X brings affordable and sophisticated Jaws PDF
creation to a broad spectrum of computing environments”, says Ralph Lloyd,
Vice President of Product Marketing, Global Graphics Software. “PDF has
become a de facto standard for document exchange, and our strategy with
Jaws PDF Creator is to increase its functionality while maintaining its
ease of use and low cost.”

Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 is part of comprehensive PDF product line from Global
Graphics Software. Other products in the line include, Jaws PDF Server(TM),
a centralized, server-based software solution for standardized PDF file
creation, optimization and distribution on a corporate scale and the
Software Development Kit, Jaws PDF Courier(TM), that permits the automatic
preparation and submission of secure, print-ready documents from customer
to printer.

Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 is compatible with PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.3
specifications, and runs on Apple Macintosh systems with Mac OS 9.1 or
higher, as well as with Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP operating

Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 costs $79 (=A352.67 / Euro 79). Existing Jaws PDF
Creator v3.0 or higher users can upgrade to v3.4 free of charge and v2.11
or lower users can upgrade to version 3.4 for $23.70 (=A315.80 / Euro 23.70)=
Government and education discounts and multi-user license pricing is also

Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 is available immediately by download from, for purchase or as a trial version that includes an
evaluation watermark. It also can be purchased through Global Graphics’
worldwide Jaws PDF Technologies distributor and reseller network.

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