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SnapMail 4.1

November 11, 2003

Glass Bead Software releases SnapMail 4.1, an update of its beloved
in-house messaging system. “This new version will continue to maintain
SnapMail’s legendary ease-of-use and ‘administration-free’ status, but
adds the power of an enhanced server system to link up remote networks
via the Internet for private messaging between multiple offices as well
as telecommuters,” said Eric Harris-Braun, co-founder and Chief
Technology Officer at Glass Bead Software.

The 4.1 update includes a number of other user-interface and stability
enhancements. Also with this release comes a 10% price drop for
SnapMail. A 10 pack now costs just under $25 per user.

Glass Bead’s secure messaging and file transfer software, SnapMail 4,
runs native on Apple’s Macintosh OS X, as well as on OS 8.6-9. For about
$25 per user, SnapMail 4 provides comprehensive, private & secure
messaging. Educational and non-profit pricing is available. A fully
functional demo version and detailed information are available at

SnapMail’s features include:

– Send mail messages or “Snaps” that notify the recipient with an alert
pop-up. – Respond to Snaps directly or with a single mouse click using
preconfigured “SnapBacks” (e.g. Take a message for me, Yes, Tell them to
hold, etc..) – Send attachments with your mail (including folders) –
Send reminder messages to yourself or others that will give notification
at some future time. Don’t forget your dentist appointment! – Connect
your network to remote networks and telecommuters via the Internet using
SnapMail’s simple distributed server system. – Create templates that let
you preconfigure text or forms that you send often along with their
intended recipients and customizable icons. – Search for old mail items
with find – See if your sent mail has been read (a check mark appears in
the sent mail folder) – Organize mail with folders – Proofread your
messages using a while-you-type built-in spell checker with a 90,000+
dictionary and spelling suggestions – Track mail that you have sent in
the sent mail folder – Create groups, which allow you to send mail to a
number of people with one easy selection – Print and save messages –
Access web links in mail items by simply clicking on them – Decide how
you will be notified of mail delivery with sounds, icons, and alert

About Glass Bead Software maker of SnapMail & SnapTalk: Founded in 1990,
Glass Bead Software ( is a leader in Macintosh OS
based messaging, email, and file transfer software for small to medium
businesses. Glass Bead Software services business in the legal, graphic
art, architecture, television, film and educational markets with
affordable, easy to maintain, secure messaging solutions.

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