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Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium

Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium Announces Keynote Speakers,
Registration Deadlines.

Keynote speakers for premier security event for Mac OS X and BSD
include Dr. Aviel Rubin and Doug Maughan. Pre-registration deadline is
November 21.

Washington, DC., November 4, 2003 The Secure Trusted Operating System
Consortium (STOS) announced today the keynote speakers for its fifth
annual symposium to be held December 1-5, 2003 at George Washington
University in Washington, DC. Anyone involved in securing Mac OS X or
BSD systems or networks should plan to attend.

Dr. Aviel Rubin is Associate Professor of Computer Science and
Technical Director of the Information Security Institute at Johns
Hopkins University. Dr. Rubin’s keynote “Electronic Voting: A case
study of how closed systems fail” is on December 3. Doug Maughan of the
Potomac Institute For Policy Studies will discuss DARPA CHATS –
Composable High Assurance Trusted Systems in his keynote on December 4.

The symposium will be held at The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Conference Center on the campus of The George Washington University.
Registration for both the presentations and the comprehensive hands-on
tutorials will be $695 before November 21, 2003.

A sampling of presenters at past symposia include representatives from
Apple Computer, Entrust Technologies, the National Security Agency, the
Naval Post Graduate School, Network Associates Laboratories,
President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, DARPA, Network
Associates, Schlumberger, Department of NAVY, The Open Group, Hyperdigm
Research, and Sandia National Labs.

The symposium will feature tutorials, paper presentations, and Birds of
a Feather sessions concerning creating and deploying secure and trusted
systems, Mac OS X and BSD systems and the applications that run on
them. The symposium is ideal for system and lab administrators,
programmers, developers, strategists, consultants and other technical
staff involved in the design, development, deployment and securing of
Mac OS X and BSD systems. Anyone for whom security is a requirement and
not just a desire should attend this event. It is a premier networking
and learning opportunity.

About STOS
The STOS Consortium represents the formal coordination of Federal,
Academia and Industry into an environment of open collaboration to
enhance the security of Operating Systems built on the Darwin Open
Source project at Apple.

The Consortium plays the role of leader and coordinator between parties
involved in requesting, researching and developing security
enhancements and secure system services.

Learn more about STOS by visiting (

About the The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Conference Center

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