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SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0, PDA Image Viewer

SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0, PDA Image Viewer, for Macintosh Users

SplashPhoto enables users to create and manage electronic photo albums on
their Palm OS handhelds; the first to enable Mac desktop synchronization

SEATTLE (October 14, 2003) – – SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of
“virtual wallet” applications for mobile devices, announces the launch of
SplashPhoto 4.0 for users of Macintosh personal computers and Palm OS
handhelds. SplashPhoto is the first image viewer to enable Palm OS handheld
users to manage and synchronize their image libraries with a Macintosh.

SplashPhoto, recently named “Best Image Viewer” by the editorial staff of
Handheld Computing Magazine, and winner of the Handango Champion Award for
“Best Lifestyle Application,” offers a fast, easy-to-use image viewer for
handhelds and smartphones. Version 4.0 includes a desktop catalog feature
with two-way synchronization, offering the easiest means of managing photos
on a Macintosh computer and handheld device. Its one-of-a-kind desktop
application enables users to organize image collections into personalized
categories and, upon synchronization, the images are arranged accordingly
on the users PDA or smartphone. There is no limit to the number of
personalized categories that users can create.

While other image viewers allow users to view pictures on a device in their
original size (many of which are upwards of 1 MB), SplashPhoto enables
users to crop images on the desktop, then format and compress them for
optimal viewing on the handheld’s screen. As a result, SplashPhoto users
are able to store hundreds of images on their devices rather than only
having the capacity for storing a few.

“We know that Mac users have a high level of expectation when working with
digital graphics and photos and, to meet those expectations, we have put a
lot of effort into developing SplashPhoto Desktop for Mac with a
user-interface similar to iPhoto and with the best Mac/Palm synchronization
available anywhere,” said John Chaffee, president of SplashData, Inc.

SplashPhoto 4.0 makes it easier than ever to share photos with friends and
family members. First, all images are stored as JPG files, simplifying the
process of sharing pictures with people using other operating systems.
Secondly, images can be transferred via Bluetooth, infrared or e-mail
between different types of devices, including handhelds, smartphones,
laptops and other devices.

New features in SplashPhoto 4.0 include:

*a desktop catalog for easily managing photo albums and synchronizing them
with the handheld;

*unlimited user-defined categories for organizing images;

*optimization for Palm OS5 and ARM-based processors, resulting in
instantaneous image display;

*SplashPhoto Desktop automatically crops/resizes JPG images to the
appropriate resolution for optimal viewing on the handheld;

*a “Pan and Zoom” feature, enabling users who have installed large,
high-resolution JPG images on their handhelds to zoom in and out or pan
across the picture to improve on-screen viewing.

System Requirements:

*Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

*Handheld running Palm OS 3.5 or later with a 16-bit capable display

Pricing and Availability:

SplashPhoto 4.0 is available for $29.95 at Owners of
previous versions can upgrade for $9.95.

About SplashData, Inc.
SplashData is the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for
handheld devices. SplashData’s applications provide all the functions of a
traditional wallet in digital form, enabling a truly mobile digital
lifestyle. SplashData’s top quality products and experienced management
team are playing a leadership role in the emerging mobile applications
market. Founded in 2000, SplashData is privately held and based in Seattle,
Washington. For more information, please visit or call

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