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SubRosaSoft Ships Version 1.0 of ComputerGuardian


SubRosaSoft Ships Version 1.0 of ComputerGuardian
–Easy-To-Use software to help recover your stolen computer–

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, (October 5th, 2003)—, Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand
focusing on privacy and system utility software, today announced
the immediate availability of ComputerGuardian, a utility that will
monitor your computer and attached devices and report its location if
the computer is stolen.
Every year over a million computers are stolen. With ComputerGuardian
installed on a computer, users will have a better chance of recovering
the computer if it happens to fall into the wrong hands. As soon as
the computer starts up, ComputerGuardian goes to work and compares the
current IP address with the previous IP address. If the IP address has
changed, ComputerGuardian will send an email containing the new IP
address to a designated e-mail recipient. The information can then be
used to locate and recover the Computer.

 =E3ComputerGuardian is extremely easy-to-use software. It is an
ideal security system for laptop and desktop computers. On top of that
– ComputerGuardian can also monitor any tampering with your computer.=E4
States Ben Slaney, CEO of Ltd. " In additional
to the IP address, ComputerGuardian sits quietly in the background to
monitor the RAM, the battery, and the internal/external hard drives
attached to the computer. If it detects any change in the areas
mentioned, it will send an email to alert the user. For example, say
someone removed a bank of RAM from your computer, or someone removed
an external FireWire drive, an alert will be triggered and an email
will go to the user right away.=E4

=E4ComputerGuardian will compliment our other guardian product
line such as HomeGuardian to protect your machine and data. To thank
our customers of the guardian product line, customers of any of our
Guardian product lines can download a copy of Computer Guardian and
use their existing serial number to activate it.=E4 Concluded Ben

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

SubRosaSoft ComputerGuardian is now available at the manufacturer’s
suggested retail price (MSRP) of $14.95.

HomeGuardian, MailGuardian, DiskGuardian, and the Guardian bundle –
are eligible for a complimentary copy of the software.

SubRosaSoft ComputerGuardian requires System 10.2 or higher.
SubRosaSoft ComputerGuardian is available for immediate download
at: (a

More About SubRosaSoft Software, Ltd

Founded in 2002, Ltd is a New Zealand based company
specialising in guardian and system utility software. SubRosaSofts’
design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful

For more information, contact SubRosaSoft by e-mail at (a
href=3D””) or visit (a

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