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Chaotic releases MP3 Rage 5.8

Chaotic Software today announced the release of MP3 Rage 5.8, an update to its popular MP3 tag editing software for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Users can “edit ID3 tags, analyze MP3’s and adjust their sound volume automatically to play at similar levels, export MP3 files to AIFF format for burning CDs, play MP3 files with the built-in player, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly, and even search for and download artwork and lyrics from the Internet.” Version 5.8 offers a number of new features, enhancements and features, all of which are documented on the Web site. MP3 Rage sells for US$24.95. This update is free for users of version 5.0 or later. Users of MP3 Rage prior to version 5.0 can upgrade for $10.

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