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CocoaTech Opens Up Path Finder Code

For Immediate Release


CocoaTech open sources the main Cocoa framework code for its Path Finder 3
application, plugin and contextual menu architecture, and Terminal

LOS ANGELES, California (September 29, 2003) — CocoaTech announced that it
had released major portions of its recently released Path Finder 3’s code
as open source.

Path Finder 3 is a comprehensive file browser for Mac OS X, which combines
the best of Apple’s Finder (viewing, moving, and manipulating your files)
with some powerful, integrated utilities.

Available for immediate download are the following:

CocoaTechBaseand CocoaTechFoundation
These two powerful frameworks are the building blocks on which Path Finder
3 is built. “These two frameworks make up the heart and soul of Path
Finder,” said Cocoatech developer Steve Gehrman.

5 Path Finder plugins
Five Path Finder plugins are also available: Hex View, Image Converter, Get
Info, Disk Image,and a sample plugin designed to be a perfect starting
point for developers interested in developing Path Finder plugins. These
are full plugins pulled from Path Finder itself, and are not simplified or
feature-reduced in any way.

“Path Finder is a powerful platform that be extended to do even more”
explained Gehrman, “and I’m hoping that others will tap into it via the
release of these plugins.”

Contextual Menu plugin
The source for Path Finder’s “Show in Path Finder” contextual menu item has
also been released.

Terminal framework
CocoaTechTerminalis what enables the new, powerful Terminal drawer and
window to integrate seamlessly into Path Finder 3. “CocoaTechTerminalallows
you to put a real working terminal in a plain NSView,” explained Gehrman.
“It’s super simple – you really can build your own Terminal application in
about 5 minutes.”

CocoaTechTerminal is based on the iTerm application source code, and is
released under the GNU General Public License. CocoaTechBase,
CocoaTechFoundation, and the Path Finder plugins are released under a
BSD-style license.

“I hope everyone can learn from this code, and I’m really hoping people
will take this code and improve it,” said Gehrman.

For more information, and to download the CocoaTech source code, please visit:

Path Finder 3 is downloadable as a fully functional demo, and requires a
minimum of Mac OS 10.2. A new single-user license costs $34 US. and
upgrades from previous versions of Path Finder are $9 US.

For a full feature list, more details on Path Finder 3, and for screenshots
of the application’s many new features, please visit the Path Finder 3
micro site:


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