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AlphaX 8.0b11 Release

AlphaX 8.0b11 Release Announcement
25 September 2003

The Alpha-Cabal is pleased to announce the availability of AlphaX
8.0b11; the second public beta release of AlphaX, the Mac OS X native
version of the Alpha8 text editor. We are a small group of Alpha users
who have taken over its development from the original author P.Keleher.

An archive containing AlphaX 8.0b11 and the open-source AlphaTcl 8.0b4
library is available for download from

For more information and other download options please visit
(where e.g. Alpha8 8.0b11 for Mac OS Classic is available).

AlphaX is shareware (U$30), please register with the original author P.
50% of all new revenue will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF in recoginition of Alpha Cabal efforts.

Daniel A. Steffen

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