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SM2DGraphView 1.1 Open Source Framework

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC has released v1.1 of the SM2DGraphView
open source framework for Cocoa development on MacOS X. The framework
with complete documentation is available at

Version 1.1 updates:
– adds a “don’t antialias” line style
– adds accessors to change the color of the border
– adds a datasource method to return a line of points as a simple
NSData object
– includes a minor performance enhancement due to using Quartz 2D
directly instead of NSBezierPath for data line drawing
– fixes a couple minor drawing bugs

This framework provides an NSView subclass which draws a graph of lines
and/or bars including axis labels. The SM2DGraphView class acts very
much like an NSTableView or NSBrowser; SM2DGraphView takes
responsibility for all of the drawing code but relies on a data source
object to provide the specific lines and points to draw. A delegate
object can also be assigned to a graph object to modify the behavior of
the graph view.

The SM2DGraphView framework is a very easy to use graph view that
should work admirably for the average non-scientific application. The
SM2DGraphView class is not thread safe; it is not coded for high
performance drawing. If you need to draw lines with millions of data
points, you should look for other alternatives.

SM2DGraphView is used in Budget and Budget Planner, personal finance
software from Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC.

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