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MBS Plugin Collection v3.3 for REALbasic

NICHENICH, Germany (September 4, 2003) — Monkeybread Software Releases
the MBS Plugin Collection v3.3, a huge collection of Realbasic plug-ins
to extend Realbasic with more than 6000 features.
(including over 300 classes).

Since version 3.2, over 1200 items were added to the plugin. To list
only a few of the bigger ones:

* Added CoreGraphics Direct Display classes.
* Integrated plugins for HASP and Rockey dongles.
* Added classes for low level and hight level DNS Queries.
* Added WebKit support (Safari used to render webpages).
* Added support for Tablets on Mac OS X (CarbonWindowEvents class)
* Improved Icon classes and functions.
* Added Stack classes: StackIntegerMBS, StackSingleMBS, StackDoubleMBS,
StackObjectMBS, StackVariantMBS and StackStringMBS.
* Added new classes: WeakRefMBS and StrongRefMBS, GWorldMBS,
CarbonEventsIdleTimerMBS, WinLocalizationMBS, SplitMBS,
FolderChangedNotificationMBS, FinderSelectionMBS
* Improved JPEG import and export classes.
* Added picture functions for changing contrast, brightness, color
* Added classes to control the IOWarrior device.
* Added classes for the Eye-One color device.
* Updated plugin to use pdflib 5.0.1 and LCMS 1.10b.

Read the complete release notes here:

You can download the plugin archive at:

(The plugin can be downloaded as a complete 12 MB package
(e.g. for magazine CDs) or in smaller parts.)

Help for the plugin is available as HTML files (on the website and in
the download package) and as a seperated PDF file (reference manual).

For questions and announcements you may subscribe to our email list at
( or visit
the list archive at

The plugin is available on a shareware fee which is 80 Euro (currently
around 88 USD) for commercial/comapny use and 40 Euro (currently around
44 USD) for private/education use. You can test the plugins for free
within the REALbasic IDE. Updates are available for users from last

(Support or new versions of the plugin in the next years after
registration are offered for a low update price, but you can continue to
develop for years with the old plugin versions.)

Christian Schmitz

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