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PHP script parses iTunes Music Library files into HTML

Our PHP script which parses iTunes Music Library files (XML) into web page

phptunest is a script written in PHP , which converts your iTunes Music
library from XML format to nice HTML table. It allows you to customize the
resulting HTML page in many ways and has few nice features:
– Use your own CSS styles to change the look of HTML page
– Sort your song library with any visible column(s)
– Include only those columns you want
– Supports gzip compression of HTML data
– Works with or without MySQL backend. Using MySQL saves a lot of memory
and makes phptunest more efficient
– Supports low-memory non-sorting parsing
– Can write output data into static HTML file
– Works with PHP 4.1 or later
– Completely free and open source

Changes in version 1.0
– Low-memory non-sorting ram-parser added. If sorting is disabled and
there’s no MySQL backend, this method saves huge amounts of RAM, and should
be used if sorting is not needed. Tracks are printed in the same order as
they are at iTunes Library file
– Simplified API for phptunest class. All settings are now passed at once
as associative array.
ob_clean() replaced with ob_end_clean(). This improves compability with
older PHP versions

More information:
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